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We cultivate loving kindness when we care for the welfare of others. We cultivate compassion, when we wish to alleviate the suffering of others. We cultivate the understanding of interconnectedness and interdependence when we realize that all existence is dependent upon one another's generosity and kindness. We cultivate non-attachment and the ability to let go when we develop the habit of giving. By practicing generous giving with a pure motivation, we are training qualities of our mind that will lead us to ever-deepening happiness and ultimately, freedom from samsaric suffering.

Through the compassion of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, the Philippine Palyul Chang Chub Dhargye Dharma Center Inc. was established in the Philippines in 1992. The Center is dedicated to preserving the Dharma teachings and making them available for all sentient beings to learn, practice and benefit.

Being a non-profit organization, the Center depends entirely on the generous donations and sponsorships from Dharma brothers and sisters to support their monthly expenses such as grocery, utility, telephone and water bills. All donations are also used to help His Holiness Penor Rinpoche carry out various benevolent activities, including financial support for the 3000 monks and nuns living and studying at Namdroling Monastery, South India for free. Any amount of donation is highly appreciated.


Our center has two types of Buddha statues available for sponsorships. In appreciation of the generosity of the sponsors, the lamas at the Center will conduct long life prayers for the sponsors.

Amitabha Buddha (Buddha of Light)
20,000 pesos

Amitayus Buddha (Buddha of Long Life)
20,000 pesos


The Center also has available items such as Prayer Flags, Buddha Statues, Counters and Prayer Books for sale. Please click here to see a complete listing and picture of things available at the Center for sponsorships.

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